is identifying environmental, safety, and constructability concerns and opportunities


    Our principal objective is a satisfied customer. We know that our comprehensive approach and early involvement in the project-planning process is the way to reach that goal. We believe in having honest and transparent working relationships with all partners in order to build trust, confidence, and reliability. Our experience has shown that this results in the most proficient and beneficial projects for all partners while ensuring the lowest total cost for owners.

General Contractors

We know that general contractors have a lot on their plate. That’s why we employ a team of professionals with formal education in legal and construction management studies as well as civil and geotechnical engineering. Our conversations are used for updates, proactive problem identification, and solving complex issues – not micro-management. The experience of our team brings expert project management and delivers thoughtful solutions to problems, assuring you that you can spend your time on other parts of the project.

• Detailed project management – We use robust systems for tracking project details and budgets. We also produce ‘looking-forward’ schedules, guaranteeing we are always making informed decisions in real time.
• Lowest total cost – Our pre-build 3D modeling process finds avoidable issues before construction begins.
• Maximum safety – We understand safety requirements, and we conduct regular training for our people, equipment, and operations.
• Professional team – With our strong, organized processes and complete documentation, our team is easy to manage and even easier to work with.
• Dedication to continuous learning – We apply insights from various sectors and projects to help us solve complex issues, making sure we are a valuable seat at the table.

Civil engineering firms

Our construction know-how makes Edgerton a practical and natural complement to civil engineering firms that want to create and produce high quality designs. Our team comes to the table with an understanding of the project, a competence to ask the right questions, and an ability to bring ideas forward that will improve the safety, quality, and efficiency of your project.

We model all projects electronically prior to construction. This enables us to analyze all aspects, notice discrepancies, and offer suggestions that enhance the project and prevent errors from being uncovered mid-construction.

• GPS technology – End results match design plans to ‘a T’
• 3D modeling – Less paper, higher quality, increased efficiency, reduced errors
• Construction think – By working closely as a team, we think about design and help to ensure plans are constructible
• Strong processes – Minimized rework, fewer errors, and lowest total cost

With Edgerton, there is no doubt about meeting DNR regulations. We have a Green Tier standing and high environmental standards, with experience in wetlands and other sensitive environments.

Our processes provide checks and balances that provide high levels of confidence to all parties involved.