is a framework for success that we call The Edge


    After nearly 63 years in business, we distinguish ourselves as a premier Midwest earthmover. We have leveraged our experiences with Owners, Engineers, General Contractors, and other trade contractors, into a framework for success that we call The Edge. 

The Edge

The Edge is our unique approach to optimizing the design and construction of the civil site-work on your project. The Edge meshes perfectly with other waste-reducing delivery models like Design/Build. Defining the project to exacting detail before the actual work begins is the key to ensuring safety, quality, and efficiency, as well as to reducing delays, rework and waste. By planning the work together, The Edge delivers the best results at the lowest actual total cost.

With The Edge, less is more.


From Planning to Execution

The time to engage our team is when your project is still an idea. During that early interview we ask questions and really listen. We want to understand the project specifications, as well as the soft requirements for success. By paying attention to what’s important to you, we build trust.

During the design phase, we use sophisticated technologies to share the most current documents and drawings among partners and we model the project virtually to detect mistakes and perfect the design before construction begins. We work transparently and make beneficial decisions together.

During construction you will find our staff of experienced construction professionals managing daily activities, controlling costs, and adapting as necessary to the needs of the project. You’ll see our skilled operators working a modern and well maintained fleet of GPS equipped machines. We complete our work on schedule without interrupting the Owner’s core business and we use a “finish-as-we-go” approach that produces the highest quality results with minimal disruption to the environment.

We strive to become your “go-to” partner for future projects by exceeding your expectations on this project. By really listening and focusing on your needs, Edgerton and “The Edge” will exceed your expectations.