Utility Supervisor

Job Description

Embodies the company culture, SQE and delivers results accordingly. In accordance with the President’s vision, SQE mission and strategic plan, the Utility Supervisor for a given project coordinates with the Project Manager and Field Operations Manager in developing the plan for the work, communicates the plan to the trades people and tracks the progress for a given project/task. Other duties as assigned. This position is a working supervisor role with +/- 10 years of previous experience in sewer, water and sanitary utility construction. Reports directly to the Field Operations Manager.

Specific Qualifications

  • Proven track record of consistent safe work practices
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to lead by example
  • Has completed safety training per Edgerton training curriculum
  • Plans, communicates and monitors the safe work practices on given projects.
  • Assists in developing initial work plan and schedule for the project with the project team
  • Communicates the plan with the trades people and updates the plan through the life of the project in conjunction with the project manager
  • Plans and communicates the resources for the project with project team to meet schedule and budget
  • Ability to read and interpret plans and specifications
  • Ability to lift 75 pounds
  • Plans, communicates and monitors the safe work practices on given projects.
  • Coordinates material deliveries
  • Runs the daily JHA/Work Plan and stretch and flex meeting with the crews
  • Delivers daily field reports, tracks quantities produced and productivity, assists in the preparation of look ahead schedules and takes a leadership role in the safety of the project.
  • Communicates progress with project team on a frequent basis
  • Communicates with subcontractors, vendors, and clients during the construction process.
  • Communicates with general superintendent, crews and project manager during the construction process.
  • Assists in the growth of up and coming foreman.
  • Has a solid track record of high-quality work

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