is shorter projects with fewer inefficiencies and less waste


    • Maximum uptime with top of the line equipment

    • Rigorous Processes

    • Industry’s best employees

    • Immediate problem recognition with 3D modeling and GPS technology

    • Adherence to the schedule with reduced rework

    • Daily monitoring of production and costs

    • Lowest total project cost

    Achieving optimum efficiency means affordable work for our clients. Meticulous planning comes from the combination of our staff, our processes, and our technology. In the field, everyone knows their role, as well as the overall game plan. Our project management software keeps track of all the project and budget details in between.

    Edgerton ensures efficiency from the pre-planning stage through completion.

    • Our service agreements with manufacturer-authorized dealers make sure our equipment provides up-to-the-minute reports on machine operation and that it is always in ideal condition.
    • Our consistent processes ensure quality is achieved in each step.
    • We’ve been a Top Workplace for 3 years in a row. We have well-trained, continuously learning employees that take pride in their careers.
    • Fluid conversation and high collaboration produces better quality work, more intelligent solutions, and fewer errors.
    • With the latest technology we can monitor changes virtually, optimize earth flows, and check details against all project features.