is know-how to review plans and offer suggestions for improvement


    • Reduce reworks and downtime.

    • Find mistakes before construction begins, saving time and money

    • Safer, shorter duration jobs.

    • Top precision.

    • Environmental compliance.


When we do a job, we do it right the first time. Our experience across various industries allows us to offer options for completing jobs, with pros and cons for each, so that you can always make the best decision. Using The Edge, we collaborate with all partners early on in the process which often develops ideas that lead to safer jobs and cost savings.

We don’t cut corners for profit, which often results in fewer errors. That means our projects are aesthetically pleasing and functional upon delivery.

To maximize all of our efforts, we use 3D models with each project plan. All civil engineering plans are fed into one, fully-animated model that allows us to visualize and test all those ideas that come about in our conversations. The final plan is loaded to our GPS-enabled machines and leaves us with a plan that is not only organized from the first step to the last, but is prepared to be seamlessly executed.