is identifying and mitigating risks before projects begin


    • Fewer incidents mean lower insurance and claim costs.

    • Avoid project downtime due to unavailable staff.

    • The cost and inconvenience of lawsuits are averted.

    • Minimized errors.

    • Efficiency.

    Safety is never taken lightly and we pride ourselves on beyond-compliance performance. Edgerton employs full-time safety personnel. Our safety certifications and comprehensive new employee safety orientation, along with a substance abuse prevention program, shows both employees and clients the value that we hold for each person.

    Before each project, we take time to analyze the specific risks for each job and make plans to mitigate them. A daily Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is held to discuss the safety challenges for the specific work ahead. From the large risk to the smallest details, like seatbelts and leaky hoses, Edgerton doesn’t cut corners.