is processes that help projects achieve Lean and Green certifications

Private Site Development

    Safety – Our internal safety initiatives result in lower insurance costs and less downtime.

    Quality – Our expertise, matched with the technology we use, results in the highest quality work at the lowest total cost.

    Efficiency – Our open and transparent communication means fewer errors and better solutions.



Operating with The Edge, we work as a partner with both the general contractor and the owner’s representatives. We view the entire project in our 3D CAD system in order to identify opportunities for cost savings, risk reduction, and efficiency before the project is even built. This results in a project that starts with the best plan in place.

Each of our project managers develops a forward-looking, rolling schedule on a monthly basis. Instead of stopping the project for an unexpected event, we plan to make the necessary changes in advance. As a Wisconsin DNR Green Tier certified company, we often help our customers to build sustainable projects. We use a “finish-as-we-go” approach so that, even during construction, your site will always look organized and presentable for your employees and customers.