is “looks good in reality” not “looks good on paper”


    At the conclusion of the project, we want you to look back and value the experience of our work together. Our goal is to continue doing business with you.

    While focusing on the quality of our work we don’t forget the details of organized and clean worksites, easy to follow processes, and the importance of enjoying our collaboration.



From the beginning of the project to the end, we will do our best to ensure that all our interactions are value-added. We always come to the table ready to ask good questions, understand your goals, and offer ideas that improve your project or make your work easier. During the project we follow our plan, track all activities, and pay attention to how each step is affecting the end result.

• Tidy worksites – Edgerton worksites will never be an eyesore for customers or employees and the finished areas will be ready for the next phase, reducing the need for landscape restoration
• Open collaboration – honest communication generates the best solutions. The Edge ensures fair and cooperative work with our contractors and partners