is modeling and considering factors that are not in the plans


We have almost 63 years of experience and have honed our values, delivery methods, equipment, and approaches to a science over that time. Edgerton is often called to participate in some the toughest projects that require non-traditional or environmentally sensitive solutions.

    Through 3D modeling we uncover problems in the plans and collaborate to find solutions before construction begins. These models enable us to consider details that aren’t specifically addressed in the plans.

    • Is there room for safe, temporary side slopes or is some form of earth retention required?
    • Are interim grading surfaces required to construct structures?
    • Is there adequate access for cranes and other equipment?
    • Is there adequate temporary drainage?

    Once an Edgerton plan is set, it is ready to be put in motion. As the job transitions from planning to execution, so does the technology. All information from the 3D models is loaded into GPS systems on machines to be used by our trained equipment operators. This powerful combination of technology and skills enables us to perform any type of earthmoving project, to grade even the most technical surfaces to the tightest tolerances in almost any condition, day or night.