is expertise to offer multiple options for project completion


    Excavation costs are among the most unpredictable components of a construction budget. Examples of variables that increase costs and cause delays include design errors, weather, poor soils, utility conflicts, obstructions, contamination, and permitting. After 63 years in business, we have the tools and experience to help you avoid these problems.

Cutting Edge Technology

We spend the necessary time during planning and design phases working to an end result that is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and effective. Before any dirt is moved, 3D models are built to analyze cost and constructibility. Viewing the finished product in a virtual reality allows us to pinpoint and address any issues digitally, making changes affordably before excavation has even begun.

• Identify environmental and safety concerns
• Recognize opportunities to improve constructibility
• Spot ways to perform work more efficiently
• Find design oversights to save the project time and money

Once the highest quality and lowest total cost plan is set, the 3D model is loaded into the GPS instrumentation that controls our equipment. Detailed daily cost analyses enable us to recognize any trends off budget and make decisions to address this issue in real time.

Top of the Line Equipment

With one of the largest fleets in the Midwest, Edgerton is capable of working in all areas of the state. We purchase and maintain new equipment to maximize uptime, take advantage of the latest technology, and to minimize our emissions. Paired with our exactness in planning, we deliver accurate budgets and precise earthmoving for every project we build.