is anticipating challenges rather than waiting for them


    Safety – from daily job hazard analysis to pre-project risk mitigation, all preventable safety issues are planned for.

    Quality – our 3D modeled plans are loaded into the GPS instrumentation in our equipment, resulting in work that is as precise as it gets.

    Efficiency – thorough project planning is followed by a team on the field that is organized, knows the game plan, and coordinates perfectly.

          We understand that work in this industry is “Mission: Critical.” A delay or problem does not just affect your company; it could affect millions of end-users or the millions of gallons of fuel being routed through new pipelines.

Edgerton understands that deadlines must be met, and contract requirements must be followed. Our processes assure that the requirements and contract specifications will be adhered to and that projects will be done safely and correctly.

Edgerton is proud of our Wisconsin DNR Green Tier status. We believe in applying high levels of collaboration and creative solutions to address your biggest challenges.