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Environmental Awareness

    Our entire approach is to reduce waste and find efficiencies wherever possible - from costs, to time, to materials. Part of being a business focused on earthmoving means we have a responsibility to protect and respect the earth.

    As a Wisconsin DNR Green Tier certified company, our practices have helped our customers achieve Green and Lean certifications and our direct relationship with the Wisconsin DNR serves as a resource for environmental opportunities or problems. We are proud to raise the bar for environmental awareness and to be a good environmental steward.


    • Recycling – We recycle millions of tons of materials each year as well as recycle steel with scrap yards. Not only does this give product another life, it reduces trucking, emissions, and costs.
    • Reuse – We have the highest volume of re-used materials, with over 300,000 tons of industrial byproducts used to construct projects. For example, ash from the Oak Creek power plant project was used to build roadway embankments for the I-94 roadway expansion. We routinely repurpose concrete and asphalt by crushing it into aggregate and using in another project, saving landfill space as well as client money.
    • Emissions & Equipment – We invest in the latest equipment, utilize Tier 3 and Tier 4 low emission engines, and minimize unnecessary idle time. Never settling for the status quo, we have an Environmental Management System (EMS) to improve our emissions even more over time.